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15 de ago de 2011

Aluminum Alloy Case + Silicone Armband for iPod Nano 6 - Black

Achei este produto muito bacana! Usar o ipod nano como relógio, desse eu realmente preciso!!!

 Overview DX

If you love your iPod Nano then you’re in for a treat. DX offers this great accessory to turn you Nano into a watch. Never again take the risk of losing your iPod and have it conveniently attached to your wrist. It features an adjustable strap and a secure clip with allan style screws. Don’t take the risk of losing your iPod due to inferior clips. This case cannot be opened or separated without using the allan keys provided to disassemble this quality case.
- Keeps your iPod Nano 6 secure when playing sports
- Can be adjusted to fit your wrist properly
- Designed for iPod Nano 6 and fits other devices of similar size
- Install kit and English user guide included
- Length: 25.8cm

Made in China
$ 24,80

Made in Brasil
R$ ?


5 comentários:

Natural One disse...

Cool device

Sylar disse...

woow this is amazing machine, and want one of those

GMSoccerPicks disse...

Deserved 5 stars. This is a great gadget. It turns your ipod nano into a super cool watch. Would definitely buy it!

Admin disse...

The text and background were both black...

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Ting Kubby disse...

I dont wear watches anymore but i would use this for my nano.

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