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31 de ago de 2011

Miniature Metal Golden Hammer Toy with Keychain Gift Collection

Um interessante chaveiro, eu gostei!

Product Features:
Mini CF Hammer toy
Made of metal material
Keychain design, cool gadget for your backpack
Excellent gift item or personal collection
 Note: Color of the item might be sent at random
Net Weight: 57g / 2.01 oz
Size (Length x Width x Thickness): 65 x 27 x 16 mm / 2.56 x 1.06 x 0.63 inch

★ ★ ★ ★

Made in China
$ 4,00

Made in Brasil (Mercado Livre)
R$ ?


5 comentários:

GMSoccerPicks disse...

If i ever get stiffed by a midget and i need to break his knees, i will make sure to buy this and do the job properly.

Gizmo disse...

that looks cool!that looks cool!

Hasidic Plumber disse...

I will buy that to kill ants and roaches.

Sub-Radar-Mike disse...

This will go well with my "pocket Thor"

Scrubby Bear disse...

Brazil seems like a great place to chill now that you mention it! =)

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