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13 de set de 2011

12-LED White Light Camping Lamp with Compass/Hanging Hook

Product Features:

- Color: Dark red + black
- ABS material housing
- 12-LED white light
- Illumination zone: 40 square meters
- With compass and hanging hook for outdoor use
- Powered by 4 x AA batteries

★ ★

Made in China
$ 6,70

Made in Brasil (Mercado Livre)
R$ 25,00


8 comentários:

Hasidic Plumber disse...

I guess i could buy it just in case there is a blackout. I don't go camping so i guess i wouldnt use this very much. So i guess i will be better off with just a flashlight. Ohh well, i don't know... hahaha

neatfit disse...

I'm not sure about this one, it could be just a tiny bit cheaper. I need to pick one up for the winter, so I'll look into this more.

psychpost disse...


Jessica Thompson disse...

Sweet rig.
Check me out =) alphabetalife.blogspot.com

Gizmo disse...

neat! :pneat! :p

aamedor disse...

nice product lots of uses

my day in a sentence disse...

Nah, I don't like this one.

Gizmo disse...

12 diodes are too much for light torch

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