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16 de set de 2011

Exclusive offer to DX: iWear Dynamic Video Glasses For iPhone

 Sit down and take a deep breath! Turn on your iPhone, plug in the cable and then put on these cool glasses! 

By DX blog.

You are about to enter an unimaginable dream world. These glasses are so cool they can provide a similar feeling to watching a 60” screen anywhere you are. The iWear glasses will deliver that live action feeling of actually being on scene, watching the action happen; right before your eyes. As your watching you will quickly forget that you’re not in danger; finding yourself trying to move out of the way of deadly explosions and crazy car chases. With such an intense feeling you will quickly become addicted to the nerve racking excitement provided and will never put them down; until you run out of media to watch.

DealExtreme takes pride in the fact that that we can offer you the latest in ground breaking gadgets first. Previously DX gave you the opportunity to purchase iHelicopter and the iPhone controlled R/C car as a presale before anyone else had them. This is your chance to get another breath taking iPhone and iPad gadget and wow your friends. This all new product is the iWear TV Glasses for iPhone, iPad and iPod. It is available now and there is no need to make a presale order; it will be shipped out and to your door, right away! These glasses are exclusive to DX. Don’t be fooled by similar glasses that work with other products. The iWear glasses were specifically design for use only with your Apple products and nothing else. They have that high quality feel you have come to expect from your iPhone.

The iWear glasses are absolutely amazing. They feature a spectacular dual lens glasses set-up that provides you with an out of this world FLCOS display that can be compared to a 60” vibrant screen with 256k of colors. The 300 x 224 resolution is truly unmatched and unbelievable for its size. They have no built-in battery to fail you, and are easily powered from your iPhone, iPod and iPad. IWear draw 3.7V at 130mA from the 30 pin connection. The headphones are built-in and feature that great stereo sound you’re accustomed to when you listen to Apple products.

The iWear glasses are a dream to use and the perfect accessory for travelling. Simply take them out of the box and attach the rubber lens light blockers and your ready to go. Plug in the cable and play whatever media you want to watch. They are extremely comfortable and have a light weight sturdy design. Included is a convenient velvet carrying pouch.


9 comentários:

Hasidic Plumber disse...

hahahaha wtfff. It's not like im not tempted, but this is kinda weird.

Natural One disse...

This makes me want Apple gear now

neatfit disse...

I'm not sure what to say about this, well, it's either fly or fall..

Gizmo disse...

Seems like your eyes might get hurt if you use them too long

aamedor disse...

so now you can look like a tool while looking like a tool, xibit might be interested in this product

Scrubby Bear disse...

Aamedor! Haha funny comment. I agree with him thought.

Max Power disse...

wow, great technology, i'd buy this. following.

Mr Jack House disse...

Nothing but curious pleasures, as from thence Following!

Lemur disse...

great!! :P

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