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9 de set de 2011

Exclusive to DealExtreme! i-Control it with iPhone; WECAN IW500 Wall Climbing Car

DealExtreme has yet again brought you another ground breaking product with absolutely amazing features. If you’re looking for your chance to purchase this totally tricked out toy then you’re in luck. DX has worked day and night researching this exciting innovative gadget, and can now offer presales before anyone else! This great remote control car features 2 channels of fun giving you the control you need and even the ability to climb up walls. Technology has made such great advancements in the remote control industry that R/C cars have never been so exciting. Turn on your G-sensor and control it without even pushing any buttons. Make your pre-order now and be the first to own this absolutely crazy wall climbing gadget.


Set-up has never been easier; just charge the i-car via the provided USB plug, as well as the infra-red 3.5mm earphone dongle. While it’s charging you must download the i-Space app from iTunes; don’t worry its free! Plug in the infra-red dongle and turn on the car. Now you are ready to drive up and down walls and perform crazy stunts.

The controls are so simple and easy to operate; even a baby can do it! Simply use your iPhone or other Apple device as the controller. It features forward and reverse, as well as have the ability to turn left and right. A trim adjustment is located on the interface of your phone allowing you to get that perfectly straight driving control. Climbing up walls quickly with accurate controls is a breeze with the top secret technology behind this great toy. It uses an experimental vacuum device with so much power it will never drop to the ground on you. To add a little more excitement, control it by the G-Sensor in your device and simply tilt your phone in the direction you want to travel. It features A, B and C frequencies if you and your friends want to all get together and play. Full auto lighting is standard with working tail lights for breaks and turn signal indicators, as well as headlamps. This device is so cool it even has realistic race car sounds that are emitted by your phone to add to the thrill and excitement of this toy.

 Now it is your chance to get ahead of the game. Keep in mind, no-one else has this product. If you want it get it now, only DX can offer it, make your orders soon. Be sure to follow DX closely as this is not the first unique gadget from DealExtreme and it won’t be the last. Remember to keep your eyes open for the chance to get this out of this world offer from your 1 stop gadget source: DealExtreme.

Source:  http://blog.dealextreme.com/control-with-iphone-wall-climbing-car/

7 comentários:

Hasidic Plumber disse...

Sweet! Im going to buy my dad one of those. He is like a grown up kid hahaha he is going to have more fun that me, no doubt

GMSoccerPicks disse...

Im waiting for the day that someone makes an iphone controlled dinosaur.

Gizmo disse...

That's cool, but I don't use Iphone..

Mr Jack House disse...

You gods that made me man, and sway in love.

my day in a sentence disse...

Wow, that's really awesome. :)

Laury disse...

These days.. anything is possible!

Ashlyyy disse...

what a great toy:D! Would been nicer if such a thing would exist when I was still a young child!

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