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19 de set de 2011

Round Shaped Electric Desktop Mini Bladeless Cooling Breeze Fan No Blade Air Multiplier Fan


Mini bladeless cooling fan
A good companion for hot days
No fast-spinning blades,and safe for children
Easy to clean without awkward grilles and blades
Feel the cool wind and enjoy a healthy life
Quiet and make no noise
Also be used as a faddish desktop article
Good to use in office or at home
Low or high speed can be precisely adjusted
Safe-using and power-saving
Operated by a power adaptor (included)

Made in China
$ 25,03

Made in Brasil (Mercado Livre)


10 comentários:

Hasidic Plumber disse...

I don't know man. This doesn't look very good. I don't think i would buy it. Also 25 u$s is a pretty steep price for it.

Based disse...

I got one of these a few weeks ago, its ok, nothing special.

1904 Blogger disse...

saw a real big one at the electronic store the other day but it was close to $100

Adam disse...

That seems really cool

Max Power disse...

wow, i wonder how they do that.

Gizmo disse...

that is great!that is great!

neatfit disse...

I've tried this, this is nice, I wouldn't use it as I don't need to, but if you were to buy a fan, unless you have kids and you're worried about them, or hate cleaning dust ( well, you don't have to though ) I'd say go with the old-school, until this gets cheaper, atleast.

my day in a sentence disse...

Looks cool enough! :)

Lord Phrozen disse...

How does this work? There's no blades whatsoever?

blorriepoes disse...

great to hear thanks for the share!

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