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4 de set de 2011

Stuffed Angry Birds Keychain String 5PCS

 Product Features:

Small stuffed angry birds kit.
5 pieces per kit includes 5 different colors (yellow, black, blue, red and white)
Used to decorate your bag, cell phone, cars, Mp3. etc.
Nice gift for angry birds lovers or collectors.
Product Details (including package):
 weight:69 g
 size:16*12*5 cm

Pack including:
 1 × Angry Birds Kit

★ ★ ★ ★

Made in China
$ 4,17

Made in Brasil (Mercado Livre)
R$ ?


10 comentários:

GMSoccerPicks disse...

I hated the red one with passion. Yellow one for the win.

Hasidic Plumber disse...

White and yellow look very like they are very bad quality. The other 3 seems fine. I guess i would buy it. Just because i like the game and they are cheap hahaha

Damon disse...

they are cheap ... the red is the best :D

aamedor disse...

not bad for 4 and change


Gizmo disse...

They do not look like ones in the game, poor

Mr Jack House disse...

good luck!

Natural One disse...

I dont think i would buy these

my day in a sentence disse...

And they really look angry.
I'd buy them and then throw then on stuff to make it all collapse. :D

Interesting blog; following and supporting, mate! :)

Ashlyyy disse...

ahh they're sweet:D I might buy them:D +follow you:)!

1904 Blogger disse...

my gf would love these


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