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10 de out de 2011

GPS + Dualband GSM Realtime Spy/Anti-Theft Vehicle Tracker

The TLT-2 GPS, GSM Tracker is a vehicle remote position device with build-in GPS and GSM, GPRS modules. It is a small size, high accuracy remote location tracking device. Based on GPS satellite, it provides accurate position information under dynamic conditions. Personal remote position device transmit the longitude and latitude coordinate to authorized cell phone.
- GPS, GSM vehicle tracker mainly uses for motorcycle, electric golf cars, and ordinary car. The device has built in antenna, integrative machine and easy to assemble.
- You can use these features for a security purpose and other purpose which needs remote positioning such as asset protection and tracking.
- Support GSM 900, 1800 MHz
- High sensitivity, SIRF Star low power GPS chipset
- Excellent for fixing the position even at a weak signal status, work well even in areas with limited sky view like urban canyons
- Fast Signal Acquisition
- Support single location and continuous tracking
- Support alarm, have 3 preset phone numbers
- Support check location and real-time and historical trajectory by SMS or Internet
- SOS button send out exact location for immediate rescue, action.
- High reliability circuit design, in line with the automotive electronics industry standards

★ ★

Made in http://www.dealextreme.com/p/gps-dualband-gsm-realtime-spy-anti-theft-vehicle-tracker-22968?r=37938294


$ 83,30

14 comentários:

Hasidic Plumber disse...

That's something mcgyver would build hahaha

Crisalys disse...

It does a lot of things. I'm impressed.

Adam disse...

impressive, most impressive

Lord Phrozen disse...

Whoa! I might need one of those when I get a car. There's just too many carnappers out there.

Anônimo disse...

I need it. D:

Gizmo disse...

This one could be quite useful!

Lexsa disse...

follow me!

neatfit disse...

Out of luck if the stolen car is kept in a forest or an underground garage!

Natural One disse...

Busting cheating husbands since 2011

LaezE Boy disse...

this'll make me feel safer leaving my car unlocked in town

Rawr disse...


Max Power disse...

i think they used that in breaking bad.

Damon disse...

that is cool
i want it :P

my day in a sentence disse...

Sweet! :)

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