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17 de nov de 2011

SLAM DUNK Series Action Figure Keychains (5-Piece Set)

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  • - Color: White + Green + Yellow + Blue
  • - Made of quality PVC material
  • - Well sculpted figures and lifelike representation of 5 different basketball shooting moves
  • - Can be used as keychain or ornament
  • - Great collection for SLAM DUNK fans

    ★ ★

    Made in http://www.dealextreme.com/p/cute-slam-dunk-series-action-figure-keychains-5-piece-set-106618

    $10,70 (5 piece set)

    12 comentários:

    Anônimo disse...

    I want them all!

    Natural One disse...

    I dont think any of those guys can dunk, but what do I know

    ruma disse...

    Hello, Mochileiro.

    Awe inspiring your works...

    Thank you for your love and sincerity.
    Have a good day.

    The traditional celebration, with kimono infants.

    Japanese colored leaves, in heartwarming space.

    The prayer for all peace.

    From Japan, ruma ❀

    Pat Hatt disse...

    Do they let go of the ball when they dunk it?..haha

    Sub-Radar-Mike disse...

    How big are they? Looks like they'd take up a lot of valuable pocket space...

    Anônimo disse...

    Good ones.

    Anônimo disse...

    One of my friends really like SLAM DUNK, perhaps I should give him something like this.

    Laughing Vault disse...

    it looks pretty cool. third one is the best

    JDC disse...

    Kinda cool, not a keychain person but they look nice.

    Kingmush disse...

    These are pretty cool!

    Lord Phrozen disse...

    Ho ho Slam Dunk, I love that show when I was a kid. Would have loved those keychains if they have Shohoku players. I only recognize Sendoh from that set.

    Lexsa disse...

    This is life , not heaven, you don't have to be perfect.

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