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28 de dez de 2011

Lazer Shirt Interactive Tee

Pew pew pew! New shirt!

The problem with regular t-shirts is that they're always the same. If you got a shirt with Darth Vader on it, it will always have Darth Vader on it. No matter how hard you wish, you can't turn it into a shirt featuring Boba Fett. It just won't happen, Wisher, so stop wishing. Stop wishing and get a Lazer Shirt.
Lazer Shirts are interactive white t-shirts that let you design your own creation with the power of UV light. Simply touch the ultraviolet Lazer to the shirt, press the button, and draw or write whatever you want. Step into the darkness and your shirt will glow, displaying your creative genius. When the design finally fades, you can use your UV light to draw something totally new. And even though your Lazer Shirt is magical, you can still toss it in the washing machine like every other t-shirt.

Tab Arrow Overview

  • Create your own temporary glow-in-the-dark designs on your shirt
  • Note: Despite what the photo may lead you to believe, the t-shirt is in fact white in hue.
  • Included UV Lazer will charge the glowy material of the shirt
  • Touch the laser to the shirt and draw or write whatever you want
  • Turn out the lights to see your design glow
  • Lose your UV Lazer? Any source of UV light will work with Lazer Shirt
  • Safe for children (just don't let them nom the UV Lazer)
  • Machine washable: just turn it inside out and wash on cold

★ ★ ★

Made in http://www.thinkgeek.com/tshirts-apparel/interactive/ebb6/


11 comentários:

Pat Hatt disse...

Now that's something that would be quite fun.

Damon disse...

remindsme that iwant a t shirt like that one,great post

Anônimo disse...


Anônimo disse...

I need one of these.

aamedor disse...

wow thats amazing

Javier disse...


Based disse...

That is Amazin! I would love one of these!

Anônimo disse...

As amazing as this product is, I imagine people writing, kick me or drawing penises.

JDC disse...

Thats a really cool idea.

Lord Phrozen disse...

It only works in the dark? Kinda disappointing but I can see the appeal.

Bersercules disse...

This is an awesome! You could write offencive stuff on your shirt and when someone goes to complain you can change it and confuse them!

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