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12 de jan de 2012

SPAM Mints

When you go to a really fancy restaurant, what do they give you at the end of the meal? If you said "the bill," your glass is half full. If you said "a mint," then you should read on (ok, even if you said "the bill," we'll let you read on). So why not treat yourself the same when you have a delicious meal at home? That's right, after your banquet of SPAM, crack open a tin of these cinnamon-y SPAM Mints.
Each tin of SPAM Mints looks like a real (but tiny) tin of SPAM from yesteryear. Inside, though, you won't find SPAM (sorry!), but you will find a bunch of meat-shaped, cinnamon-flavored mints. They really are a great way to finish off a meal of SPAM and your favorite beverage. We love SPAM (the food kind, not the e-mail kind), and carrying a tin of SPAM Mints with us makes us happy. It also makes everyone we share them with happy, and isn't that what SPAM is really about?

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SPAM Mints

  • Delicious cinnamon mints in a retro SPAM tin!
  • Mints are meat shaped for extra fun.
  • A perfect end to a meal of SPAM.

Made in http://www.thinkgeek.com/caffeine/wacky-edibles/ea1c/


12 comentários:

Sub-Radar-Mike disse...

So they're not spam flavored? Thank goodness haha.

Zap McBlowfist disse...

Need me some of those bad boys! :D Love the cool little things you find

Potato Skinz disse...

Thank god for that... Can you imagine eating a spam flavoured ANYTHING???


Anônimo disse...

Do want.

Anônimo disse...

I want some of these! :D

Baur disse...

Haha nice I would love one of those

DWei disse...

I actually don't like cinnamon mints. If it tasted like spam I'd be more likely to eat them.

Laughing Vault disse...

hahaha great idea :D

Tracer Bullet disse...

whaat i totally want, spam is my favorite
following :) +1

Lord Phrozen disse...

I don't even know what meat-shaped means.

Dreadnaught disse...

Would be better if it was spam flavored with spam bits

aamedor disse...

Spam is the cranberry juice of meat products.

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