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31 de jan de 2012

World's Smallest Solar Powered Car

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World's Smallest Solar Powered Car

 This solar car, powered by solar energy, can directly start the engine in strong sunlight ane keep running fast. It is eco - friendlym energym saving, specially - designed and fashionable, without doubt, is a perfect teaching aid for students.

- Ultra small solar powered moving car
- Great toy and education tool for children

Made in  https://www.dealextreme.com/p/world-s-smallest-solar-powered-car-37373


7 comentários:

Dreadnaught disse...

Thats pretty neat. They should make a bigger controlled model or maybe a little RC plane. That I would buy.

Pat Hatt disse...

My cat would prob eat that or at least destroy it..haha

Anônimo disse...

I want one of those!

Anônimo disse...

I have many ideas for this. :)

Lord Phrozen disse...

Does it charge itself during the day so I can play it during the night? Or does it only work when under sunlight?

DWei disse...

How much would something like that cost?

Lord Phrozen disse...

I kinda wished it was bigger.

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