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30 de mar de 2012

Realistic Grenade Butane Lighter in Military Case

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Realistic Grenade Butane Lighter in Military Case

Pros: The lighter seems to be metal and feels solid. Makes a nice sturdy click when pressed.
The box looks nice as well, I would say it looks more like a military item than the grenade.
There's also a removable metal box inside the wooden case, so it can be used as an ashtray.
There are ready-made holes for screwing the grenade on top of the box for display.

Cons: The lighter is actually quite small, closer to the size of a superball than an actual grenade.
Makes very annoying sounds every single time the trigger is pressed. I would imagine they are supposed to be gunshots and military commands but by the sound of it they're fighting it out a sewer. Also the clip is long, exactly ten seconds.
The lighter doesn't fit inside the box.

Other: If you like having model aeroplanes and tanks in your bookshelf this will make a nice and potentially useful decoration to continue that theme.


 Made in  http://dx.com/realistic-grenade-butane-lighter-in-military-case-6513


3 comentários:

Pat Hatt disse...

To bad it is not actual size, but then I can see that as it could trick people rather well.

WOODLOUSE disse...

It looks cool

Lord Phrozen disse...

It looks cool and all but I think the security personnel at the airport will kick me out for bringing something like this.

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