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30 de set de 2011

Resettable Zinc Alloy Combination Padlock + Mini Multi-Function Knife Set

It does not seem very safe. :)


- Color: silver
- Material: zinc alloy
- 3-digits padlock + multi-function knife set
- Padlock default password: 000
- Practical and durable
- Great traveling companions


Made in China
$ 3,10

Made in Brasil (Mercado Livre)

6 comentários:

Hasidic Plumber disse...

I had the same thought, it doesn't seem very hard to break. But then again, for 3 dollars what can you expect?

Natural One disse...

Yeah, it doesn't look very sturdy :P

Lord Phrozen disse...

A cheap swiss army knife and a padlock. The swiss army knife is good for emergencies and padlock is for security. I wouldn't want to use cheap products to substitute for those because this is important.

Jason disse...

Haha this is great! Great post and awesome blog design! Keep up the great work! Followed!

my day in a sentence disse...

Yup, I wouldn't use that. :D

Max Power disse...

made in china too? No thanks.

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