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1 de out de 2011

Tankbot - Control by iPod® / iPhone® / iPad® or supported ANDROID™ Smartphone

The toys are controlled by the cellphone becoming increasingly common and a great example is the new TankBot, the Desk Dog, which can be controlled via free apps for iPod, iPhone, iPad, or some models of Android.

The TankBot navigate mazes alone, using advanced technology navigation light, lights up, make sounds and can be driven via remote control using your iPod, iPhone, iPad, or Android. The robot is available in four colors, each with a different frequency and 40 minutes of charge via USB is 15 minutes of action.


Made in http://www.mydeskpets.com/tankbot/
$ 26,00

8 comentários:

Come At Me Bro disse...

This is great!

Lord Phrozen disse...

This looks like a nice idea for a Christmas gift. Thank you sir, I am now prepared for the holidays.

my day in a sentence disse...

Amazing! I need it! O_o :)

Natural One disse...

Very cool

Hasidic Plumber disse...

3 stars? It should be 6 stars! An iphone controlled tank? Sign me in!

Max Power disse...

amazing what those iphone's can do

Damon disse...

woow that is so cool ñ_ñ

Mochileiro disse...

@Hasidic Plumber
Oh thanks, my error. This was considered 5 star by foruns reviews.

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