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16 de dez de 2011

Strong Rolling Glass Cutter

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- Model: WBL-1122
- Color: Black + Golden
- Knife wheel material: high quality cemented carbide
- knife board material: Iron
- Hand shank material: Hollow aluminum alloy
- Perfect for cutting glass, also perfect for cutting stained glass, other craft and household uses

★ ★ ★

Made in http://www.dealextreme.com/p/strong-rolling-glass-cutter-black-golden-110370


10 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

I have many ideas for this. ;)

Anônimo disse...

It's cheap. (:

Bersercules disse...

I like this! People would think its a pen but it ain't!

Lot's Wife disse...

Now I just need a grappling hook and some suction cups...

Based disse...

I thought it was a pen and I still think it's a pen. Haha. Really nice.

Natural One disse...

Hhhhmmm, nice tool!

Lord Phrozen disse...

It's cheap but I don't think I'm gonna use this sometime soon.

JDC disse...

Could add this to my gem thief tool set.

Anônimo disse...

How the heck does something so small cut glass?

Damon disse...

I returned after a holiday haha
wwoow that is cool :P
i like it

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