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6 de jan de 2012

2.2" LCD Arcade Machine Style Coin Bank (2 x AAA)


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- PVC material
- 2.2" LCD display
- Built-in a small game, put in a coin, you can play the game for about 2 minutes
- With "Du Du" sound effect
- Powered by 2 x AAA batteries (not included)

★ ★

Made inhttp://www.dealextreme.com/p/2-2-lcd-arcade-machine-style-coin-bank-2-x-aaa-111746


10 comentários:

Bersercules disse...

I like this! At first I thought it was full size, but seeing the batterys made me realize its scale!

Zap McBlowfist disse...

yea same here this is awesome! Great blog mate.

feel free to check out my blog too

Pat Hatt disse...

I thought it was full size too there for a second, but fun to have.

Sub-Radar-Mike disse...

It's so tiny! I love it.

Baur disse...

lol those look cool

Anônimo disse...

I want to buy this.

Major.Mack disse...

i want the full size

Anônimo disse...

This would look nice in my house. ;)

Kingmush disse...

Always wanted to have one of these.

Lord Phrozen disse...

Nice concept. I kinda wished it uses AA batteries instead though since all my rechargable ones are AAs.

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