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8 de jan de 2012

Customizable Text Handheld LED Message Display Cooling Fan Gadget

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Customizable Text Handheld LED Message Display Cooling Fan Gadget

- Stores up to 6 lines of text, each line up to 16 characters (96-character storage memory in total)
- Automatically scroll thru the 6 lines of text when turned on
- Onboard control buttons allows changing the 6 lines of text to whatever you want
- Perfect gadget for silent messaging
- Excellent toy for both grown ups and kids
- Powered by 3 x AA batteries (sold separately)

Made in http://www.dealextreme.com/p/customizable-text-handheld-led-message-display-cooling-fan-gadget-3-aa-17850


9 comentários:

Pat Hatt disse...

Now that is cool!

Zap McBlowfist disse...

wow perfect for festivals think i'll be investing ^_^

DWei disse...

Imagine all the obscene things you could say. :P

JDC disse...

Remember seeing one of those things a while back, pretty neat to have.

Lord Phrozen disse...

Cool invention! Works perfectly in the dark.

Anônimo disse...

It's cool!

Anônimo disse...

I like it.

Baur disse...

WOw thats neat would love to have one of those on my dask

Anônimo disse...

I would buy one just to write "Justin Bieber" and give it to my friends.

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