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21 de fev de 2012

Cute V Gesture Style USB Flash Drive - Blue (16GB)

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Cute V Gesture Style USB Flash Drive - Blue (16GB)

 - Color: Blue
- Soft PC case material
- Capacity: 16GB
- Plug & play


Made in  http://www.dealextreme.com/p/cute-v-gesture-style-usb-flash-drive-blue-16gb-116883


7 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

I have better ideas to where to stick these in. Heh.

Anônimo disse...

@R.gers LOL

Anônimo disse...

I want one of those

Bersercules disse...

I like the idea of different things on the end of a flash drive! I hope more get made!

DWei disse...

It looks like you're trying to poke out someone's eyes. :P

Lord Phrozen disse...

I had the same idea when I first saw this. LOL

Gryt disse...

It would feel so wrong putting this in a computer lol

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